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  SMS Magic Basic
SMS Magic Interact
SMS from any object

Send SMS to multiple people from Search/List pages and any object.

smsmagic feature-SMS from any object smsmagic feature
Bulk SMS

Send Bulk SMS from Search Page Layouts or Campaigns.

smsmagic feature-Bulk SMS smsmagic feature
SMS Templates

You can create templates for SMS’s with data from various Salesforce fields in the Object, which are auto populated in the SMS.

smsmagic feature-SMS Templates smsmagic feature
SMS from Campaigns

SMS Magic support Template Based Bulk SMS Campaigns from Campaigns Object.

smsmagic feature-SMS from Campaigns smsmagic feature
Open API's for custom development

SMS Magic provides API’s for developers to write triggers for a. Send SMS/Bulk SMS c. Create Templates

smsmagic feature-Open API's smsmagic feature
Send SMS from Workflow

Send SMS from Workflow

smsmagic feature-SMS from Workflow smsmagic feature
Create Action on Incoming

Create Action on Incoming.

smsmagic feature-Action on Incoming smsmagic feature
Receive SMS Replies

Receive SMS replies inside your Org. Lookups, workflows, events etc can be created on incoming SMSes.

smsmagic feature-Receive SMS Replies smsmagic feature
Schedule SMS's

You can schedule messages for sending at a future time.

smsmagic feature-Schedule SMS smsmagic feature
SMS Delivery Reports

The delivery status of a message can be viewed in SMS details.

smsmagic feature-Delivery Reports smsmagic feature
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SMS Magic Basic
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